The Tipping Point Reading Guide

What is considered to have a tipping point? Facebook? Twitter?


The New Rules of Marketing and PR – Chapter 13

Photos is a powerful way to show  your content.  Does it have a lasting affect on consumers compared to just using words?

The New Rules of Marketing and PR – Chapter 12

Isn’t the most affective way to reach customers to to let the customers speak to each other instead of trying to figure out who the customers are (target audience)?

The Message is the Message

Does posting too much on facebook, blogs, twitter, etc. have a negative affect on the message that is trying to be portrayed?

I’m so Totally, Digitally Close to You

Are online relationships/interactions  just as affective as face to face relationships/interactions?

New Facebook Pages: A Guide for Social Media Marketers

Will the current new design and the new designs in the future have a negative affect on Facebook and the users?

You Might Not Love the New Facebook, But Brands Should

Is Facebook going to lose more users if ads continue to be a more important aspect instead of main concept of connecting with people?